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Indoor Reef

3841 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
(253) 752-4559

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Rating: 8/10
A little gem in the middle of Tacoma
February 27, 2009 by UREEF1

This smaller sized store is one of the better locations for viewing saltwater fish and talking the talk with staff. They have multiple tanks for fish and corals, plenty of live rock, and recently added shelving for supplies and equipment. Also, this store is now exclusively saltwater. The owner really knows his stuff, and has indicated his hopes of becoming a partial wholesaler in addition to the retail he already provides. The small number of staff is sufficient to provide service, and though not all staff know a great deal, they are more than willing to help out as they can. Supplies offered are of premium quality. Corals are varied and colorful. Fish are often numerous and healthy in appearence. However, to be fair i have seen some in bad shape a few times. But, this is not normally the case, as the shop is run well. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to expand their number of places to get their saltwater "fix" for the day.