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Midway Tropical Fish and Pets

24101 Pacific Hwy S
Kent, WA
(206) 824-2616

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3.4 stars 3.4 stars 
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Rating: 9/10
Excellent freshwater fish selection
January 27, 2016 by Russell

I have been a customer of this pet store for years, and the reason that they are still around after many years in my opinion is because of their diverse selection of fish and other pets.

I'm a repeat customer there because I appreciate their broad offering of beautiful freshwater aquarium fish from all over the world. Certain employees are very knowledgeable and helpful regarding the aquarium hobby. I have been to every fish and pet store in the greater Seattle area, and for my freshwater aquarium hobby, this place is my favorite.

Russell 1/26/2016
Rating: 10/10
April 21, 2012 by Ron

I have been going to this store for over 30 years, it is the best. Sure it is crowed and smells of fish and pets but so does a zoo. It's crowed because they try to offer as much product at a reasonable price for thier customers. They know more about fish and pets as anyone you will find. They will help you with any problems or concerns you have. Try other stores and believe me you will come back to Midway Tropical.
Rating: 3/10
December 28, 2011 by lion fish 200

BAD-The people were yelling at some random dude,it was dark smelled of mold and rot,the poison dark frogs were sick...the fish were almost always either 1/2 dead or had ich the people were creepy but funny i guess.....

GOOD-they had a wide selection of animals,they had many different brands of food ect...they were nice...THEY HAD KITTENS!! they would let you hold a non poisonous snake,they had a huge amazingly beautiful lion fish that would follow you around puffed up haha,they had alot of tanks and it was fun to go with my dad.

they just opened so i think they need to work at it but they will do good =)
Rating: 6/10
yo yo
July 23, 2011 by Anonomous Aquarist

i like the store becuse its cheap the only thing is that its really dirty but who cares but some of the staff is just rude to you and mugs you
Rating: 6/10
Not bad, could be better, but hey!
April 16, 2011 by Anonomous Aquarist

You both are right. Aaron is right, it's dirty, dark, dank, but the prices are good and usually the fish are just fine. I wouldn't purchase reptiles from them because they aren't housed correctly. But the store is a little treasure and I usually support the smaller places than the bigger chain ones. Just check it out and make your own opinion.
Rating: 9/10
they rock
March 1, 2011 by Anonomous Aquarist

ive had nothing but great experiences with midway the staff there are very helpful and they do know what they are talking about. ive bought a number of fish there including saltwater and i have had nothing but great rusults. i reccomend this store to anyone who has a tank or wants to start a tank, they will help you put togather the right fish so you dont end up with a catasrope.
Rating: 8/10
Great Place
January 2, 2011 by Anonomous Aquarist

We have gone to this store for years for expert advice and beautiful fish/frogs. They have always been very helpful and friendly. I love this store. April
Rating: 8/10
The truth
January 31, 2008 by IanPisaG

Aaron is an idiot. This is the best fish store in the entire Kent/Renton/Des Moines area. The look is awesome and very retro. Representive of the old Kent area when things were simpler. They give YOU the basis for YOU to create something with. Pets are a hobby, and where you get them adds to your story. Oh and prices can't be beat. Not to mention how EXOTIC some species of fish are. If you don't know your stuff, don't write a review. I have an African Tigerfish and Motoro stingray, both which I paid over 100 dollars for and both are amazingly healthy. Maybe you should by some guppies to start with Aaron.
Rating: 2/10
Scary, but nice staff
January 9, 2007 by Aaron

- Dirty
- Dark
- Smelly
- Dead fish in tanks
- My fish didn't last long when I got home, didn't go back to return....

- Nice helpful staff (although very busy)
- Huge selection